Desert Research Center is the Oldest Organization for Research and Development in the Desert and Newly Reclaimed Regions of Egypt.
• Investigating desert potential for agricultural development.

• Carrying out studies on behalf of government institutions, societies      and small landholders.

• Preparing postgraduate research assistants and scholars for higher degree study in the field of scientific research.

• Conducting applied research and projects related to the development of desert and new reclaimed areas.

• Transfer of technologies to local farmers, Bedouins, investors, stakeholders, etc. through training and extension programs.
• Exploring and evaluating groundwater aquifers in desert regions.

• Drilling and testing productive and test water wells.

• Surveying and evaluating surface water in coastal regions.

• Monitoring groundwater in desert and newly reclaimed areas.

• Managing desert and newly reclaimed soils with respect to their
agricultural use and development.

Desert Research Center

Arab Republic of Egypt
Ministry of Agriculture and Land    Reclamation

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